Tea Moisture Meter

PSDMT 3 MOISTURE MASTER is one of the most sophisticated yet easy to use portable grain moisture tester. It incorporates the latest microprocessor technology and improved advance Electronic Circuit to give a fast digital readout. It is as simple as scooping a sample and pushing a button. There is no need to weigh the grain sample or to adjust the results for temperature. The testers electronic circuit automatically compensates for the temperature. The tester has been engineered to eliminate much of the guess work while handling the grain crops by providing the capability to quickly test the moisture content of your grain accurately in the field, at the dryer, or in the grain bin. This tester is a must for any one to have to do with buying, selling, testing or storage of GRAINS, OIL SEEDS AND SEEDS. It pays for itself!


Moisture Range 3%-40%
Accuracy ±0.5%
Temp.Compen. Automatic
Testing Time 30 seconds
Display Digital L.C.D
Power 9V battery
Weight 796g
Opt.Temp 0°C-54°C
Circuit IC-Microprocessor based
Casing High impact resistance material




Please contact us for commodities not mentioned in the above list to discuss the possibility of making a customised moisture meter