Tobacco Moisture Meter

PDR 3306 is portable, compact sized digital Tobacco Meter designed for simplicity and one hand operation. It can measure and display the environment temperature and humidity in a fraction of a second.

This Tobacco Meter being made of a tough material is extremely suitable for field use at a day-to-day basis irrespective of its wear and tear.

This pocket sized moisture meter is a must for anyone to have to do with buying, selling and storage of Tobacco leaves.


Applications Tobacco Leaves
Measuring Range 11%-40%
Display Digital L.C.D
Power Battery 9V x 1EA
Accuracy ±0.5%
Dimensions 120(L) x 70(W) x 25(H)m/m
Sensor 170m/m
Weight 730g

  • If the measuring range is below 11% then - sign will be displayed, but in case above 40% + sign will be displayed.
  • It has a membrane touch panel making reading extremely easy.
  • Made of tough material, extremely good for field use.


Carrying Case