Wood Moisture Meter

PDR - 1010 is a versatile and advanced microprocessor based wood moisture meter, which provides more accuracy, reliability & convenience than similar type products.

As the obtained data is of standard value, in case of different types of wood (B~H and Plywood), compensate the moisture percent by the “Wood Compensation Table” (given with the instrument).

This tester is a must for anyone to do with buying, selling, testing or storage of different types of wood.

This pocket size moisture meter is especially suitable for factory superintendents, lumber inspectors, salesmen and others to whom compactness of the instrument is very important.


Applications Wood
Measuring Range 9%~50%
Display Digital L.C.D
Temp.Compen. Automatic
Power Battery 9V(6F22) X 1EA
Accuracy +/-0.5%
Dimensions 150(L) X 70(W) X 25(H) mm
Weight 2,145g


CARRYING CASE ----------------------------- 1 EA
SENSOR NEEDLE -------------------------------2 EA
L-WRENCH ----------------------------------------1 EA
BATTERY 9V ------------------------------------- 1 EA
USER’S MANUAL ------------------------------- 1 EA
HAMMER SENSOR ----------------------------- 1 EA

Hammer Sensor